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Everything must go

New Taking Back Sunday song: It's called Everything must go, it's the last song on their upcoming album New Again and videos of live performances of this song have been posted all across youtube.

Now it's also up for your listening pleasure on their myspace page and their webiste !!

listen to it, motherfuckers, for it is the most beautifullestest song i've heard in a long time.



Helen am 16.5.09 16:55


Hollaback Boy feat. Gossip Girl

good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

Cobra Starships new single Good Girls Gone Bad features the Gossip Girl Star Leighton Meester and you can now listen to it on the band's Myspace page.

 The single was produced by Kevin Rudolf aaaand its kind of... well, you'll see. I don't wanna say boring, but it's disappointing me a little after the last two albums. They had better times i think.

But we'll see, albums not out yet, it's gonna be released in August and it's title will be Hot Mess. If you like Leighton or if you like Cobra or if you like them both, maybe this will entertain you: (from MTV behind the scenes)

it is kind of an earworm isn't it? so maybe i'll just have to get used to it.Gabe Saporta still kicks ass.

okay, that's it. be safe, people.


Helen am 15.5.09 15:41

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Today Matt Fazzi of Taking back sunday turns 24 years old! Congratulations!


I like you, Matt, although I'm still sad, Fred left the band... If you have a Twitter- Account, you can send him your best wishes almost personally, here:

Matt Fazzi



Helen am 12.5.09 19:03

sink into me video

finally some goddamn news.

Taking Back Sunday have just posted their video for the new single "Sink into Me" on their website.

Those of you, who live in the US at least, are fucking lucky, you can check out the video here:

for some reason the UK version for anyone outside the United States hasn't been available. If we're lucky, they will put it back up soon.

If you didn't know already, Taking Back Sunday's new album will be called "New Again" and is gonna be released on June 2nd, I think June 5th for Germany...

It's also their first album they made with their new guitar-singer Matthew Fazzi, who joined the band after Fred Mascherino left them to pursue his own project The Color Fred... (long ass sentence, wasn't it?) ... for more info's go check out the band's website. (scroll up, dudes, cos i'm not gonna post the goddamn link again)

also, if you are interested, always check out the color fred myspace because, you know, fred's still awesome, too.

Helen am 11.5.09 23:28

first poll is up!

on our blog, we always give you guys a poll, which will hopefully be changed every month, unless we're too lazy or uncreative, cos its sometimes really hard to find a new question!

if u have a burning idea for a voting, please let us know by clicking "mail" in the navigation and send us your suggestion!

this months poll will be:

who has the cutest baby?

1. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden (Good Charlotte) with their cute daughter Harlow Winter Kate!!

2. Adam Lazzara (Taking Back Sunday) & his wife Misha with their freshly born son Keaton Ari Danger (I guess that's the name.)

ooor 3. Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) & Ashlee Simpson Wentz with their slightly confused & scared baby son Bronx Mowgli:

yeah, the boy has a stupid name & the photo is not very flattering, i admit. but he's still kind of cute, isn't he? (i was tempted to add 'considering where he came from', but lets strike that!)

blawgbitches am 10.5.09 19:02

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